New Seraseq® Mutation Mixes Launched

Seraseq® Unmethylated (0710-3088) and Methylated (0710-3089) ctDNA Mutation Mixes have officially launched and are now available as part of our Seraseq Oncology portfolio.

Being the only solution of its kind available on the market, our methylated ctDNA product offering introduces a first-in-class ctDNA that is fully methylated for assay development, validation, and routine performance monitoring.

Key features:

  • Global methylation of CpG sites to support all CpG methylation assays

  • Unmethylated ctDNA and Methylated ctDNA to blend to a desired percent methylated ctDNA

  • Enzymatically fragmented ctDNA for low background noise and physiologically relevant fragment sizes

  • Methylation status precisely quantified using highly sensitive digital PCR assays in a well-characterized genomic background (GM24385)

  • Validated by targeted NGS panels

  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant, ISO 13485-certified facilities

Inspire confidence in your ctDNA methylation assay today with a low-noise ctDNA format methylation reference material. Order Today!

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