Tick season brings demand for accurate babesia detection!

Warm weather is on its way in the US, which means tickborne diseases are, too. According to the CDC, disease cases have increased 25% in recent years.

Babesiosis, caused by intraerythrocytic babesia parasites, is primarily transmitted through tick bites. Transmission also happens congenitally or from blood transfusions or organ transplants. Babesia microti is the most common transfusion-transmitted pathogen in the US. Often undetected, babesia infections can range in severity from asymptomatic to life-threatening.

New QC solution for babesia molecular assays

Late last year, we introduced ACCURUN® Babesia Positive Molecular Control Kit in response to the growing use of PCR assays for babesia in clinical diagnostics and blood donor screening. The sensitivity of molecular PCR testing has been shown to detect early and chronic infections better than other methods.

Our newest product is a ready-to-use quality control solution designed to measure the day-to-day performance of babesia molecular assays. It includes whole-organism positive materials, negative materials, and a lysis buffer for use with in vitro diagnostic tests.

The kit’s patient-like matrix is formulated in human whole blood with cryoprotectant, and the low-positive controls challenge assay performance at critical decision points. It features two of our QC materials' hallmarks: stability (minimum two years at frozen temperatures) and lot-to-lot consistency (manufactured under cGMP and ISO 13485 conditions).

Options to detect tick-borne disease

Our full complement of tick-borne disease-related products challenge your assay and offer greater confidence in your lab’s results. Plus, they help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Validation and Qualification Materials

Quality Controls

Lyme Disease Antibody Positive Plasma

Human plasma samples tested and found positive for Lyme IgM and IgG antibodies.

Trust your results

Advances in detecting B. microti continue to improve. ACCURUN® Babesia Positive Molecular Control Kit is the latest addition to our family of consistent and reliable QC materials. Our controls are some of the most respected in the industry and are relied upon by many world-class laboratories to ensure assay performance. When included in your laboratory's quality assurance program, they can help improve confidence in your test results and assist in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Find out how our extensive catalog of molecular controls and reference materials can support your lab.

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